Cornelius Hintner
AUT 1920
69 min

In 1920, Austria joined the trend of worshipping film actresses as divas, and found in Carmen Cartellieri an ideal candidate. ]]>Die Würghand]]> was the first film where Cartellieri began to gain a reputation as a femme fatale. She plays a beautiful but unscrupulous woman caught up in a family secret and confronted with murders and supernatural deaths. Director Cornelius Hintner expands on the theatricality of the story using the methods available to a 20’s filmmaker, special effects and the natural backdrop of mountainous Semmering.

Live-Impro-Set: Jürgen Berlakovich, guitar and electronic sounds, Ulrich Troyer, electronic sounds.

  • Eugen Preiss
  • Viktor Kutschera
  • Carmen Cartellieri
  • Hugo Werner-Kahle - Hannes
  • Adolf Weisse
  • Hans Rhoden
  • Cornelius Hintner
  • Rudolf Mayer
Cartellieri-Film, Wien
35 mm
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