Lee Chang-dong
Südkorea 2010
139 min

Mi-ja lives in a small country town with a river running through it. She’s over 60 but she looks young for her age and she likes to dress well. Her hats may seem a bit eccentric but they correspond with Mi-ja’s fondness for beauty and poetry. Her interest in writing leads her to enroll in a poetry course at the local community center, and she becomes a devoted student. Her new hobby doesn’t prevent her from making a living taking care of a disabled old man, and she also looks after an adolescent grandson who lives with her. He causes Mi-ja few problems, that is until it turns out that he is involved in the suicide of one of his classmates. Mi-ja finds out that reality isn’t as beautiful as she’d like to believe. The character of Mi-ja is played by legendary 60’s Korean film star Yun Jung-hee, who takes up acting after a long hiatus.

  • Yun Jung-hee - Yang Mi-ja
  • Kim Hira - Mr. Kang
  • David Lee - Jong-wook
  • Lee Chang-dong
  • Kim Hyun-seok
  • Lee Seung-chul
  • Kim Hyun
  • SihnJeom-hui
  • Lee Choong-yeon
Pinehouse Film


35 mm
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