Marco Bellocchio
I, FRA 2009
128 min

“The mass loves strong men”, Benito Mussolini once said. “The mass is female.” In “Vincere,” a sustained, alternatingly exhausting and aesthetically exhilarating howl of a film, veteran Italian director Marco Bellocchio brilliantly personalizes Mussolini’s rise to power through a fictional retelling of his seduction and catastrophically violent betrayal of his reputed first wife, Ida Dalser. Like much of Italy, Dalser abandoned herself to him body and soul. The film’s title – a reference to a popular Italian Fascist song – means to win, as in to defeat, vanquish, surpass. “Win, win, win!” Fascist soldiers would sing, as Il Duce aroused the populace. “At any cost!” (Mahnola Dargis)

In the presence of Marco Bellocchio and Francesca Calvelli (Editor).

  • Giovanna Mezzogiorno - Ida Dalser
  • Filippo Timi - Benito Mussolini
  • Fausto Russo Alesi - Riccardo Paicher
  • Michela Cescon - Rachele Mussolini
  • Piergiorgio Bellocchio - Pietro Fedele
  • Corrado Iinvernizzi - Doktor Cappelletti
  • Paolo Pierobon - Giulio Bernardi
  • Bruno Carrielo - Richter
  • Daniela Ceselli
  • Marco Bellocchio
  • Daniele Ciprì
  • Gaetano Carito
  • Francesca Calvelli
  • Carlo Crivelli
  • Marco Dentici
  • Sergio Ballo
Offside, Rai Cinema Celluloid Dreams

Celluloid Dreams

35 mm
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