Aaron Katz
USA 2010
97 min

Doug, an aimless former student of forensic science and aficionado of Sherlock Holmes mysteries, moves from Chicago back home to Portland, Oregon, eager to simplify his life with board games, semi-meaningful discussions and a new job of stacking bags of party ice. Just when everything seems perfectly quiet and pointless, a mystery shakes him from his slumber. But are the signs he’s reading really evidence of foul play? Aaron Katz’s coy and funny thriller keeps audiences guessing, while sharpening his singular cinematic style. Indeed, despite association by some with the low-budget aesthetics of “mumblecore”, Katz’s previous films also have stood apart in their crispness, engaging performances, expert photography and inventive sound designs. Cris Lankenau’s slacker sleuth is especially charming, reminiscent more of Bill Murray than of Basil Rathbone. Katz is a seasoned, crafty filmmaker dedicated to doing more with less, and this film, like his others, will serve as a beacon and muse to indie filmmakers everywhere. (Sean Uyehara)

In the presence of Aaron Katz.

  • Cris Lankenau - Doug
  • Trieste Kelly Dunn - Gail
  • Raúl Castillo - Carlos
  • Robyn Rikoon - Rachel
  • Jeb Pearson - Jim Warden
  • Brendan McFadden - Swen
  • Aaron Katz
  • Andrew Reed
  • Eric Offin
  • Nathan Whiteside
  • Aaron Katz
  • Keegan DeWitt
  • Elliot Glick
Parts and Labor

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