Person To Person

Dustin Guy Defa
USA 2017
84 min

PERSON TO PERSON is set during a single day in New York City and follows a disparate group of characters all facing various emotional obstacles. Abbi Jacobson plays an investigative reporter trying to get through her first day on the job with help from Michael Cera as her misguided boss. Tavi Gevinson plays a rebellious teen attempting to balance her feminist ideals with other desires. Other story threads follow a young man seeking to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend and an avid music lover searching for a rare vinyl. In his review, film critic David Ehrlich said, “Dustin Guy Defa’s film is a gentle summer breeze of a movie that’s set during an early fall day. Amiably unstuck in time without feeling anachronistic, Defa’s second feature pulls off the trick of offering an analog version of New York in a digital age.” (Zack Sharf)

In the presence of Dustin Guy Defa.

  • Abbi Jacobson - Claire
  • Michael Cera - Reporter
  • Tavi Gevinson - Wendy
  • Bene Coopersmith - Bene
  • George Sample III - Ray
  • Isiah Whitlock Jr. - Buster
  • Dustin Guy Defa
  • Dustin Guy Defa
  • Dan Bricker
  • Dustin Guy Defa
  • Jessica Berndt
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Celluloïd Dreams

35 mm
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