Affonso Uchoa, João Dumans
Brasilien 2017
96 min

After a fatal accident in an aluminium factory in Brazil, young Andre is sent to the house of Cristiano, the killed worker. There he finds Cristiano’s diary describing his last 20 years.
“Once Andre starts reading the memoir, ARÁBIA unfolds an episodic, richly detailed, often amusing visualization of Cristiano’s self-narrated autobiography (which might, just possibly, be a figment of Andre’s imagination). Truly dramatic incidents are few and far between, but along the way we witness crime, punishment, death, romance and one hell of a lot of very hard work as our hero crisscrosses his vast country in search of remunerative employment. Like Bob Rafelson’s 1970 classic FIVE EASY PIECES, ARÁBIA has the truly rare capacity to inspire and energize with the optimistic sense that nothing is truly impossible. ARÁBIA is an intriguingly structured, multilayered road movie in which an ordinary working-class dude looks back over a nation-wandering decade of his life.” (Neil Young)

  • Aristides de Sousa - Cristiano
  • Murilo Caliari - Andre
  • Renata Cabral
  • Gláucia Vandeveld
  • Affonso Uchoa
  • João Dumans
  • Leonardo Feliciano
  • Gustavo Fioravante
  • Pedro Durães
  • Rodrigo Lima
  • Luiz Pretti
  • Francisco Cesar
  • Christopher Mack
  • Priscila Amoni
  • Janaina Macruz
  • Priscila Amoni
  • Janaina Macruz
Katasia Filmes, Vasto Mundo

Katasia Filmes

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