How to Talk to Girls at Parties

John Cameron Mitchell
GBR, USA 2016
102 min

Set in 1977, the story follows Enn and his two mates, who are all obsessed with punk. As they restlessly search for the next great gig, they happen upon the flamboyant residence of Zan and her clan, who are aliens, but who the boys assume are a gang of advanced fashionistas. Enn falls for Zan and the two run off together, out into the ever-changing world of 1970’s London, where generations clash and culture is upended in search of something new and passionate – in this case, punk rock. While films about this “revolution” are frequently consumed by nostalgia, there’s something genuinely unhinged about Mitchell’s creation of this world, his depiction of sexuality and identity and excess, that’s enormously charming. It’s a strange, hallucinogenic film, one that combines the coming-of-age story with fish-out-of-water sci-fi, not to mention its energetic queer aesthetics, with Elle Fanning as a master of the ethereal. (Sam Gray)

  • Nicole Kidman - Boadicea
  • Elle Fanning - Zan
  • Abraham Lewis - Vic
  • Ethan Lawrence - John
  • Alex Sharp - Enn
  • Philippa Goslett
  • John Cameron Mitchell
  • Frank G. DeMarco
  • Josh Ward
  • Brian A. Kates
  • Nico Muhly
  • Jamie Stewart
  • Hannah Spice
  • Sandy Powell
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