Perret in Frankreich und Algerien

Perret in France and Algeria
Heinz Emigholz
DEU 2012
110 min

Heinz Emigholz’s groundbreaking and spellbinding architectural films are cinematographic re-enactments of the immediate experience of spaces. The last film in Emigholz’s “Architecture as Autobiography” series and, following PARABETON, the second in his series the “Decampment of Modernism” is the first film ever made on French brothers Auguste and Gustave Perret, presenting 30 of their projects in chronological order. As in Emigholz’s PARABETON, which presents works by Italian Pier Luigi Nervi alongside Roman ruins, PERRET presents a delicious juxtaposition – between projects in France (up to the post-war reconstruction of Le Havre) and public buildings built in colonial Algeria. (Mark Peranson)

In the presence of Heinz Emigholz.

  • Heinz Emigholz
  • Heinz Emigholz
  • Markus Ruff (Frankreich)
  • Frieder Schlaich
  • Heinz Emigholz
  • Till Beckmann
Filmgalerie 451, Westdeutscher Rundfunk/3sat

Filmgalerie 451

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