Bob Dylan


Sam Peckinpah
USA 1973, 1988
122 min

Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid were once friends. Now one of them is on the side of the law and the other an outlaw. As a sheriff, Pat Garrett has been integrated into the system that Billy hates with all his heart. «It feels like times have changed» proclaims Pat Garrett at the beginning of the film; «Times maybe. Not me», is the Kid's response. But it is the landowners who rule things now. And they can bend the rules any way they want. The longer he takes to track down Billy the Kid, the more Pat Garrett begins to understand his erstwhile friend. When the search culminates, the hunter has long since become the mirror image of the hunted. And when Pat Garrett finally shoots Billy, it is an act of self-betrayal tantamount to suicide.

This film is screened together with Screen Test # 82 + # 83 Bob Dylan on October 23.

  • James Coburn - Pat Garrett
  • Kris Kristofferson - Billy the Kid
  • Bob Dylan - Alias
  • Richard Jaeckel - Sheriff Kip McKinney
  • Katy Jurado - Mrs. Baker
  • Chill Wills - Lemuel
  • Jason Robards - Lew Wallace
  • Luke Askew - Eno
  • Jack Elam - Alamosa Bill
  • L.Q. Jones - Black Harris
  • Rudolph Wurlitzer
  • John Coquillon
  • Robert L. Wolfe
  • Roger Spottiswoode
  • Gareth Craven
  • Richard Halsey
  • David Berlatsky
  • Tony de Zarraga
  • Bob Dylan
  • Ted Haworth
  • Michael Butler

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35 mm
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