Israel Adrian Caetano
Argentinien, FRA, SP 2002

After doing seven years in prison for murder and armed robbery, Oso is released on parole. His wife Natalia and daughter Alicia now live with Sergio, who has racked up debts from playing the horses. Oso hopes to get them back and help them, but to do so he has to control his clumsiness and his irrepressible outbursts of violence. When Turco, owner of his favorite bar, tries to persuade him to take part in a new «job», he realizes the only way to ensure his daughters future is to be an outlaw. This disillusioned urban western relates the fate of a fringe dispenser of justice at odds with the harsh reality of the suburbs. His only reward is Alicias smile.

  • Julio Chavez - Oso
  • Soledad Villamil - Natalia
  • Luis Machín - Sergio
  • René Lavand - Turco
  • Agostina Lage - Alicia
  • Israel Adrían Caetano
  • Graciela Speranza nach einer Story von Romina Lafranchini
  • Marcos de Aguirre
  • Jorge Guillermo Behnisch
  • Santiago Ricci
  • Diego Grimblat
  • Graciela Oderigo
Lita Stantic Producciones Av. Santa Fe 3205, Piso 2, Office 31 1425 Buenos Aires, Argentinien T 11 4823 7245

Roissy Films 58 rue Pierre Charron 75008 Paris, Frankreich T 1 53 53 50 50

35 mm
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