Fear East


Park Chan-Wook
Südkorea 2003
118 min

In this high-concept manga adaptation, already set for a Hollywood remake, a defiantly antisocial misfit finds himself enmeshed in an inexplicable and infernally baroque mindfuck. By the end of reel one hes been kidnapped, incarcerated in a mocked-up apartment, framed for murder, brainwashed, and put on a diet of shrimp dumplings and nonstop TV. He stays sane (more or less) by transforming himself into a rage-filled, revenge-ready one-man army. By the time hes cut loose 15 years later, he resembles a bedraggled desert-island castaway incongrously outfitted in a sharp suit. Park keeps the twists coming and handles the kick-ass setpieces with droll flair, steadily building to a denouement whose perversity is worthy of Jacobean tragedy. The final ignorance-is-bliss resolution, in which Parks protagonist frees himself from unbearable knowledge by submitting to hypnosis, would make Charlie Kaufman proud. (Gavin Smith)

  • Choi Min-Sik - Oh Dae-Su
  • Yoo Ji-Tae - Lee Woo-Jin
  • Gang Hye-Jung - Mido
  • Chi Dae-Han - No Joo-Hwan
  • Hwang Jo-Yun
  • Lim Joon-Hyung
  • Park Chan-Wook nach einer Mangageschichte von Tsuchiya Garon und Minegishi Nobuaki
  • Jung Jung-Hoon
  • Lee Seong-Chul
  • Kim Sang-Bum
  • Cho Young-Wuk
  • Yoo Seong-Hee
  • Lee Jung-Soo
  • Cho Sang-Kyung
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35 mm
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