Special: Rebellious Image Noticieros

Noticieros: Programm 1968

86 min

Cuba’s ambassador pays Ho Chi Minh a visit at his modest home in Hanoi; sitting in socks on the floor, he converses with the Vietnamese leader, who has taken his place in an armchair in front of him. Further on, we can see Rap Brown, a black activist and civil rights leader, who denounces the inequity of the US Justice system. On the occasion of the attack on Cuba’s presidential palace on March 13, 1957, Castro denies rumors about the rationing of eggs, bread and, even, weddings. He refers to the effects of a severe drought and declares that not the hope of lottery winnings but only hard work can bring wealth. We see people quarreling in the queue in front of a bakery. In the United States, the Black Panther protest against police repression and racism. A humorous cartoon, “Pepe el cafetomano” teaches us how to grow coffee. The Cuban Women’s Federation (FMC) is celebrating its anniversary, while a group of young people on horseback follow the footsteps of hero Antonio Maceo. People are lining up for the first edition of Che Guevara’s Bolivian diary.

  • Julio Batista
  • Enrique Lopez
Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos (ICAIC)
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