Special: Rebellious Image Noticieros

Noticieros: Programm 1969-70

79 min

At the commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the victory of the revolution on January 2, 1969, Castro illustrates his plan for the development of agriculture. While Castro explains the importance of the 10 million ton sugar cane harvest, we see pictures of ploughs and technicians working hard. Che Guevara’s example, shown in archive images in a factory and in a sugarcane plantation, should strenghthen this endeavor. For the ninth anniversary of South Vietnam’s FNL, Castro cuts sugar cane together with his South Vietnamese comrades. Castro declares 1970 to be the year of the ten million ton sugar cane harvest. At a plantation, Fidel Castro meets with Vietnamese students who went to Cuba to participate in the harvest. Young Americans and Puerto Ricans actively support the sugarcane harvest. Together with a Vietnamese delegation, they are all dancing together at a meeting to the sound of Cuban music. To mark the centenary of Lenin, men and women are asked how they would react if they were suddenly standing in front of him.

  • Julio Batista
Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos (ICAIC)
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