From the Heart of the World


Sky of Our Childhood
Tolomusch Okejew
Udssr 1967
79 min

The children of the horse-keeper have long since left for the city. And the old man is doing his best to keep his youngest son in the mountains, not because of a father's whim but to teach him to be a shepherd. But a road and a rail track are already under way to enable exploitation of a mineral deposit discovered by geologists. At the end of this last summer in the mountains, the old man sadly decides to let his son leave to study in the city.

  • Muratbek Ryskulow - Bakaj
  • Aliman Dschangorosowa - Urum
  • Sowjetbek Schumadilow - Alym
  • B. Ryskulowa - Ajnasch
  • Nasret Dubaschew - Kalyk
  • Samak Alymkulow - Ryskul
  • B. Schakijew - Bektasch
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