From the Heart of the World


Chodschakuli Narlijew
Udssr 1972
81 min

An old shepherd and his daughter-in-law whose husband died in World War II live a solitary life in the Turkmen desert. Her relatives try to convince the young woman to return to her family, but she stays with her father-in-law, still hoping that her husband will one day come back. Chodzhakuli Narliev's film is a milestone in the history of Turkmen cinema. Almost without a plot, it tells of a life far remote from the so-called cilivization. The quiet flow of images allows the audience to become acquainted with a very unusual place and with very unusual circumstances of life.

  • Maja Ajmedowa - Ogulkejk
  • Chodjom Owesgelenow - Ama-aga
  • Chodschaberdy Narlijew - Murad
  • Ajnabat Amanlijew - Bibirajew
  • Chomat Mulik - Nasar
  • Ogulkurban Durdijewa - Tuwak Edje
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