Moi dumki tikhi

My Thoughts Are Silent
Antonio Lukich
Ukraine 2019
100 min

Do Ukrainian cows moo differently from Canadian ones? So it seems, according to the company that hires young sound designer Vladim to record animal sounds for a video game set in Ukraine. The chirping of a very rare bird native to the Carpathian region will also be featured in the video game. Determined to find both the necessary fowl and his way to Canada, Vladim will embark on an unpredictable  journey together with his eccentric mother, with whom he has a love- hate relationship.  Antonio Lukich’s first feature brings many of the issues of the director’s generation to the screen: young people riven by conflict, betrayed by their elders, and yet still full of determination. The brilliant performance by Andriy Lidagovskiy gives body to a character literally unfit for the world he lives in, a sort of lonely millennial Buster Keaton as funny as he is moving. Shot in a remote, untouched region of Ukraine both miles and years away from the rest of Europe and brilliantly scored by Sam Kužel, MY THOUGHTS ARE SILENT extracts comedy from the drama experienced by many of Lukich’s generation. (Rebecca DePas)

In the presence of Antonio Lukich.

  • Irma Vitovska - Galia
  • Andriy Lidagovskiy - Vadym
  • Valeria Kalchenko
  • Antonio Lukich
  • Ilya Egorov
  • Alexander Chorny
  • Alexander Chorny
  • Margarita Kulik
  • Anastasyia Sutyagina
Toy Cinema


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