In Focus: Alberto Grifi

Michele alla ricerca della felicità

Michele Searching for Happiness
Alberto Grifi
I 1978
23 min

As with his DINNI E LA NORMALINA, Alberto Grifi was also commissioned to make MICHELE ALLA RICERCA DELLA FELICITÀ by Rai 2 (Italian public broadcaster). The result was the same for both films: total censorship. The reason is easy to understand. Moving away from the crazy sci-fi tale of NORMALINA, Grifi directs his most painful and rare work. There is no room for optical illusions here, for kaleidoscopes, the psychedelic delirium: the prison in which Michele is imprisoned is staged with rigor, through a Spartan and essential style.

  • Alberto Grifi
  • Guido Blumir
  • Alberto Grifi
Rai (Radiotelevisione Italiana)
Associazione Culturale Alberto Grifi
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