In Focus: Alberto Grifi


Alberto Grifi
I 1977
26 min

Filmed during Grifi’s more involved participation in the Italian movement of counterculture, LIA could compose a sort of trilogy on Italian contestation of the Seventies along with aNNa and IL FESTIVAL DEL PROLETARIATO GIOVANILE AL PARCO LAMBRO. LIA is the story of the long speech of a student at the “controconvegno sull’antipsichiatria” held at the Communication Factory of Brera (Milan), in opposition to the official conference organized by the
philosopher armando verdiglione. Shot on video, it is one take, almost half-an-hour long.

  • Alberto Grifi
  • Alberto Grifi
  • Alberto Grifi
Alberto Grifi
Associazione Culturale Alberto Grifi
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