In Focus: Alberto Grifi

A proposito degli effetti speciali

About Special Effects
Alberto Grifi
I 2001
50 min

When a PROPOSITO DEGLI EFFETTI SPECIALI was included in the program of the Mostra del Cinema in Venice in 2001, the new generation of film-goers proved to have many difficulties in approaching the cinema of Alberto Grifi. The poetic universe of Grifi was unknown to most cinephiles and insiders. This is also the reason that the subject of Italian underground heritage, around which the video-film revolves, is more than ever essential and timely. Accompanied by the actress, his life companion, Alessandra Vanzi, who plays the role of Miss Ontophilogenesis, dancing and reciting about love, Grifi makes a kind of triptych. The new shots, including the use of a distorting mirror to accompany Grifi’s words, and two recovered clips – an excerpt from TRANSFERT PER CAMERA VERSO VIRULENTIA and one of Man Ray, in which the Dadaist master is shot in his studio in Paris with Franco Baruchello. Despite the interesting work on visual effects and the blend of materials and techniques of shooting situations, this film is primarily an ode to love and art as a moment of creation of life.

  • Alessandra Vanzi - Miss Ontophilogenesis
  • Alberto Grifi - Mr. Riflesso
  • Man Ray
  • Aldo Braibanti
  • Lou Castel
  • Massimo Sarchielli
  • Alberto Grifi
  • Alberto Grifi
  • Alberto Grifi
  • Lorenzo Grifi
  • Riccardo Cremona
Alberto Grifi, Alessandra Vanzi
Associazione Culturale Alberto Grifi
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