Metran men hada al-turab

Two Meters of this Land
Ahmad Natche
Palestine 2012
80 min

TWO METERS OF THIS LAND shows what happens on a summer evening in an outdoor theatre of Ramallah (West Bank), where a popular music concert is being prepared. A gallery of journalists, technicians and artists meet there some hours before the show. All the action takes place in that same location during one single evening. “One year before I shot the film I worked in Jerusalem and Ramallah while I was trying to get ideas for a feature film. Summer is the time for outdoor music festivals in Palestine and I visited many of them. That same summer, the Palestinian national poet Mahmoud Darwish died and he was buried at the summit of a Ramallah hill, very close to the outdoor theatre I set as the location for my film. I decided to use one of his poems for the title. in the last lines of ‘Mural’, he talks about the piece of territory he would need the day he died: ‘Two meters of this land are enough for me for now’. Since I wanted to make a film about one particular space of Palestine, it seemed to me a dramatic metaphor of the Palestinian struggle.“ (Ahmad Natche)

In the presence of Ahmad Natche.

  • Ahmad Natche
  • Rosibel Rojas
  • Waleed Agel
  • Nadeem El Husary
  • Nicolas Tsabertidis
  • Ahmad Natche
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