Bob Dylan


Larry Charles
USA 2003
107 min

In a fictional America caught up in a civil war that is tearing the nation apart, a benefit concert is being organized. A traveling troubadour named Jack Fate is sprung from jail by his scheming former manager, Uncle Sweetheart, to headline a concert with the expectations to bring peace to a country that is entrenched by chaos, lawlessness and pandemonium.
Ever since he rolled into Greenwich Village from the middle-class wilds of Minnesota more than fourty years ago, spinning tall tales about his previous adventures, Bob Dylan has both encouraged and confounded legions of would-be exegetes. His lifelong foraging in the overgrown pastures of American popular culture has taught him that the true prophet is often indistinguishable from the snake-oil salesman, and his gaunt, weathered frame contains both personas. And Masked and Anonymous works best as a meditation on, and a tribute to, his mysterious, implacable self. When he sings, he is in very good voice, and the band behind him is fiery and tight. The soundtrack is filled out by covers of some of his best-known songs, in languages from Japanese to Italian to Turkish, and the movie includes part of an a cappella «Times They Are A-Changin'» sung by a wide-eyed young girl. At the end, Bob Dylan - I mean Jack Fate - sits on a bus, musing on what things do and don't mean, and listens to himself sing «Blowin' in the Wind», which is where the answer, my friend, still is. (A. O. Scott)

  • Jeff Bridges - Tom Friend
  • Penélope Cruz - Pagan Lace
  • Bob Dylan - Jack Fate
  • John Goodman - Onkel Sweetheart
  • Jessica Lange - Nina Veronica
  • Luke Wilson - Bobby Cupid
  • Angela Bassett - Mistress
  • Steven Bauer - Edgar
  • Rene Fontaine
  • Sergej Petrov
  • Rogier Stoffers
  • Leslie Shatz
  • Pietro Scalia
  • Luis Alvarez y Alvarez
  • Bob Dylan
  • Bob Kensinger
  • Abigail Murray
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Spitfire Pictures 9348 Civic Center Dr., Mezzanine Level Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA T 310 300 9000
35 mm
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