John Frankenheimer
USA 1962
126 min

After being suppressed for 25 years after its first run, John Frankenheimers 1962 masterpiece re-emerges as one of the best and brightest of modern American films. In a riveting opening sequence, a group of American combat infantrymen are shown being brainwashed by a confident Chinese Communist hypnotist, who has them so surely under his control that one man is ordered to strangle his buddy and cheerfully complies. The Manchurian Candidate was shelved in a dispute between United Artists and Sinatra, who held a controlling interest in the film. For more than 25 years, memories of The Manchurian Candidate have tantalized those who saw it at the time.

  • Frank Sinatra - Major Bennett Marco
  • Laurence Harvey - Raymond Shaw
  • Janet Leigh - Eugenie Rose Chaney
  • Angela Lansbury - Raymonds Mutter
  • Henry Silva - Chunjin
  • James Gregory - Senator James Iselin
  • George Axelrod nach einer Vorlage von Richard Condon
  • Lionel Lindon
  • Richard Carruth
  • Ferris Webster
  • David Amram
  • Richard Sylbert
  • Moss Mabry
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35 mm
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