Fen Dou Liu
VR, China, HK 2003
110 min

It begins with a sequence on a windswept beach. Wang joins two colleagues and casually robs a bank. The proceeds will take him to America, where hell be reunited with his girlfriend to whom hes remained faithful for the two years shes been gone. On the way to the airport, he pauses at a store to ring her, only to be informed that their relationship is over. The female storeowner keeps hassling him for more money. Finally, distraught, he pulls a gun on her, and a stand-off ensues. A cop attempts to talk him down, offering to substitute himself for the hostage. Wang responds by putting the gun to his own head and demanding an answer to that most difficult of questions: «What is love?» And then he shoots and the cop becomes the focus of the remaining two-thirds of the film. The shift in perspective feels audacious not least because the policemans story turns out to have much in common with the criminals.

  • Liao Fan - Wang Yao
  • Li Haibin - B
  • Li Congxi - Polizist
  • Li Mei - Wang May
  • Dong Lifan - Ladenbesitzer
  • Hai Yitain - Schwimmlehrer
  • Liu Fen Dou
  • Chen Ying
  • Peng Li
  • Jin Wulin
  • Jia Cuiping
  • Jin Wulin
  • Shen Zi
  • Li Renqing
  • Yan Jialin
Almost Entertainment Pictures 19, Lane 2, Wan Li Street Taipeh 116, Taiwan T 2 2230 7639

Arc Light Films 19, Lane 2, Wan Li Street Taipei 116, Taiwan T 2 2230 7639

35 mm
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