A l'ouest du Jourdain

West of the Jordan River
Amos Gitai
FRA, Israel 2017
84 min

The film framing passages from talks with prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was murdered in 1995 by a Jewish settler, take on some prophetic features now that the West Bank has been under Israeli occupation for 50 years. In all those years of futile hope the young annalist Gitai became a melancholic archaeologist of the Palestine conflict. In addition to courageous ex-soldiers of the IDF, who, with their reports of notorious human rights violations, encounter an openly hostile mood, he discovers, above all, enclaves of Palestinian and Jewish women in Hebron, who still believe in a common will to peaceful coexistence.

In the presence of Amos Gitai.

  • Amos Gitai
  • Oded Kirma
  • Eitan Hai
  • Vladimir Truchovski
  • Amos Zipori
  • Yishai Illan
  • Nir Alon
  • Tal Zana
  • Vincent Schmitt
  • Yuval Orr
  • Amit Poznansky
Nilaya Productions, Agav Films, France Télévisions

Doc & Film International

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