Retrospective 2014

The Long Voyage Home

lange Weg nach Cardiff
John Ford
USA 1940
105 min

During World War II, the crew of the tramp steamer Glencairn enjoys a final night of carousing in the West Indies before shipping out to pick up a load of dynamite in Baltimore. After stowing the explosives in Baltimore, the crew is on edge, fearful that rough seas might detonate their volatile cargo. They're also concerned about the increasingly isolated Smitty, who they believe may be contacting the Nazis. Both, Ford and the ensemble, deliver magnificent work but the most notable contribution to the film is made by legendary cinematographer Gregg Toland, who experimented with a new type of deep-focus photography.

  • John Wayne - Henry, genannt «Ringo Kid»
  • Thomas Mitchell - Dr. Josiah Boone
  • Barry Fitzgerald - Mr. Gogarty
  • Mildred Natwick
  • Arthur Shields
  • Ward Bond
  • Ian Hunter
  • Wilfrid Lawson
  • Rafaela Ottiano
  • John Qualen - Axel Swanson
  • J.M. Kerrigan - Crimp
  • Joe Sawyer
  • Dudley Nichols
  • Eugene O'Neill
  • Gregg Toland
  • Jack Noyes
  • Sherman Todd
  • Richard Hageman
  • James Basevi
Walter Wanger Productions, Argosy Pictures
35 mm
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