Retrospective 2014

The Searchers

John Ford
USA 1956
119 min

At the beginning a door opens from the darkness on the scenery with Ethan (Wayne) approaching by horse to his brother’s house, at the end the door shuts on him leaving. In between lie years of hatred and desperation, spent in search for the niece kidnapped by Indians. In between lie funny intermezzos, love, iconic scenes. In between lies the excessive width of Monument Valley, this archaic old place of a whole genre and red-dusty set for this drama. THE SEARCHERS is possibly THE western par excellence, in any case it offers John Wayne’s strongest acting achievement.

  • John Wayne - Henry, genannt «Ringo Kid»
  • Ward Bond
  • Vera Miles
  • Natalie Wood
  • Olive Carey
  • John Qualen - Axel Swanson
  • Jeffrey Hunter
  • Frank S. Nugent
  • Winton C. Hoch
  • Hugh McDowell Jr.
  • Howard Wilson
  • Jack Murray
  • Max Steiner
  • Frank Hotaling
  • James Basevi
  • Charles Arrico
  • «The Searchers» von Alan LeMay
Warner Bros., C.V. Whitney Pictures
35 mm
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