Retrospective 2014

Two Rode Together

John Ford
USA 1961

While Jim Gary is escorted by compassion, for his cynical sheriff McCabe it takes some green dollar signs as a decision-maker, so that they get on the way together to bring back kidnapped people to their families. However, the enterprise starts to become quite disheartening and succeeds only partially. In the end the narrow-mindedness and the racism of the small-town society makes even hard-boiled McCabe flee.

  • Andy Devine - Buck Rickabaugh
  • James Stewart
  • Richard Widmark - Dr. Stewart McIver
  • Shirley Jones
  • Linda Cristal
  • Henry Brandon
  • Frank Nugent
  • Harry D. Mills
  • Charles Lawton Jr.
  • Jack Murray
  • George Duning
  • Robert Peterson
  • Frank Beetson Jr.
  • Ron Talsky
  • «Comanche Captives» von Will Cook
Columbia Pictures Corporation
35 mm
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