Retrospective 2014

Wee Willie Winkie

John Ford
USA 1937
100 min

Shirley Temple stars as Priscilla Williams, a young girl traveling with her mother, Joyce, to join her paternal grandfather, a British army colonel, at the post he commands in northern India. Upon arrival, they witness the capture of Khoda Khan, leader of the rebel Indian faction. Priscilla pretends being a soldier and is even given a uniform and allowed to drill by Sergeant MacDuff, but her gruff grandfather disapproves and insists she remains apart from the troops. She eventually charms him, along with everyone else on the post, including Khoda Khan, whom she wins over by returning a talisman he's dropped. When the attractive Lieutenant Brandes deserts his post to take Joyce to a dance, Khan escapes, and Brandes is arrested. Departing from the Kipling story, Ford places Temple in a military setting with a wonderfully expansive feeling not unlike that of his classic cavalry films.

  • Andy Devine - Buck Rickabaugh
  • Vera Allen
  • Marian Nixon
  • Howard Lally
  • Berton Churchill
  • Louise Dresser
  • Rochelle Hudson
  • Tempe Pigott
  • Nora Cecil
  • Ralph Morgan
  • Patsy O'Byrne
  • Effie Ellsler
  • Will Rogers - Dr. Bull
  • Paul Green
  • George Schneiderman
  • Eugene F. Grossman
  • Louis R. Loeffler
  • Samuel Kaylin
  • William S. Darling
  • Rita Kaufman
  • «The Last Adam» von James Gould Cozzens
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
35 mm
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