Retrospective 2014

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

John Ford
USA 1949
103 min

The second installment of John Ford's famous cavalry trilogy (which also includes FORT APACHE and RIO GRANDE), this meditative Western continues the director's fascination with history's obliteration of the past. It features one of John Wayne's more sensitive performances as Capt. Nathan Brittles, a stern yet sentimental soldier who has difficulty preparing for his impending military retirement. All things considered, he refuses to leave before fulfilling his obligation to the local Indian tribe. It's a film about honor and duty as well as loneliness and mortality. The combination of melancholy and farce evokes comparisons to Shakespeare. Best of all, the scene in which Wayne fights back tears when receiving a gold watch from his troops is unforgettably bittersweet.

  • John Wayne - Henry, genannt «Ringo Kid»
  • John Agar
  • Harry Carey
  • Harry Carey Jr.
  • Mildred Natwick
  • Arthur Shields
  • Chief John Big Tree
  • Chief White Eagle
  • Tom Tyler
  • Victor McLaglen - Capt. Mike Farrell
  • Joanne Dru - Olivia
  • Ben Johnson - Sgt. Tyree
  • George O'Brien
  • Laurence Stallings
  • Frank Nugent
  • Winton C. Hoch
  • Clem Portman
  • Frank Webster
  • Jack Murray
  • Richard Hageman
  • James Basevi
  • D.R.O. Hatswell
  • «The Big Hunt» und «War Party» von James Warner Bellah
  • Irving Pichel
35 mm
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