Retrospective 2014


John Ford
USA 1925
104 min

If Bill Lightnin’ Jones ever bore his name without any irony, the Lightning would have already drowned in the floods of liquor he drank during prohibition times with his buddies. Nevertheless Bill still got the right feeling over an offer regarding the hotel he runs with his wife. Ford’s comedic elements are again on a visual level, transformed from a widely successful broadway musical by Winchell Smith and Frank Bacon.

Live piano: Gerhard Gruber

  • Madge Bellamy - Miriam Marsh
  • J. Farrell MacDonald - Mike Donovan
  • Otis Harlan - Porky
  • James A. Marcus
  • Brandon Hurst
  • Jay Hunt
  • Wallace MacDonald
  • Richard Travers
  • Edythe Chapman
  • Ethel Clayton
  • Erville Alderson
  • Winchell Smith
  • Joseph H. August
  • «Lightnin'» von Frank Bacon
Fox Film Corporation
35 mm
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