Retrospective 2014

Four Sons

John Ford
USA 1928
99 min

Set in an idyllic german village the mother Bernle lives with her four sons. But mischief is coming among them – a new military commander as the first sign of the upcoming World War I. The village becomes more and more devastated, the mother loses three of her four sons. Only Joseph survived, he fled to America and now tries to bring his mother too. A movie worth seeing, especially for remembering the year 1914.

Introduction: Oliver Hanley
Live piano: Gerhard Gruber

  • Margaret Mann
  • James Hall
  • Charles Morton
  • Ralph Bushman
  • George Meeker
  • June Collyer
  • Philip Klein
  • George Schneiderman
  • Charles G. Clarke
  • Margaret V. Clancey
  • Erno Rapee
  • Carli Elinor
  • Kathleen Kay
  • «Grandmother Bernle Learns Her Letters» von Ida Alexa Ross Wylie
Fox Film Corporation
35 mm
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