Retrospective 2014

Fort Apache

John Ford
USA 1948
127 min

Right after the American civil war ended the outside post Fort Apache unexpectedly gets the ex-general Thursday (Fonda) as new commander, a man of complete disdain for all indians. Inspired by the historical defeat Custer’s at the Little Bighorn it leads Thursday with his stiff positions into a fatal false strategy. Ford shows the Apaches here, beyond the stereotypes, as courageous people with the right of opposition. With FORT APACHE the trilogy over the US cavalry in America was started: in 1949 SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON and in 1950 RIO GRANDE followed.

  • John Wayne - Henry, genannt «Ringo Kid»
  • Henry Fonda
  • Ward Bond
  • Shirley Temple - Priscilla Williams
  • Pedro Armendáriz - Miguel Ernesto
  • George O'Brien
  • Frank S. Nugent
  • Archie Stout
  • Frank Webster
  • Joseph I. Kane
  • Jack Murray
  • Richard Hageman
  • James Basevi
  • Donald R. Hatswell
  • «Massacre» von James Warner Bellah
Argosy Pictures
35 mm
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