Retrospective 2014

3 Bad Men

John Ford
USA 1926
99 min

The men of the title are three outlaws, who look after the heroine of the movie. The three outlaws are treated both comically and sympathetically. Their rich characterizations are terrific. They anticipate the comic, good natured crooks that will also show up in Ford's prison comedy, UP THE RIVER. Both films have a complete lack of realism in dealing with crooks: real life criminals are a pretty sorry lot. But both films' crooks are a swell bunch of ordinary guys, whose villainy takes place off screen, prior to the films' beginnings. Both get involved in much irresistible comic and sentimental business. In both films, the rowdy crooks protect and look after a young, refined romantic couple.

Live piano: Gerhard Gruber

  • George Harris
  • Olive Borden
  • Lou Tellegen
  • Tom Santschi
  • Frank Campeau
  • Priscilla Bonner
  • Phyllis Haver
  • Walter Perry
  • J. Farrell MacDonald - Mike Donovan
  • Otis Harlan - Porky
  • George O'Brien
  • John Stone
  • George Schneiderman
  • Dana Kaproff
  • Gerd Rabanus
  • Sam Benson
  • «Over the Border» von Herman Whitaker
Fox Film Corporation, John Ford Production
35 mm
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