Retrospective 2014

The Sun Shines Bright

John Ford
USA 1953
94 min

«I knew THE SUN SHINES BRIGHT and WAGON MASTER weren’t going to be smash hits – I did them for my own amusement. And it didn’t hurt anybody – they didn’t make any money, but they always got their initial cost back. THE SUN SHINES BRIGHT is my favorite picture – I love it. And it’s true to life, it happened. Irvin Cobb got everything he wrote from real life, and that’s the best one of his Judge Priest stories.» (John Ford)
For its time a very unconventional and liberal film with a fresh perspective, but unfortunately also filled with hard-to-take clichés and cartoon-like Afro-American characters. 

  • Charles Winninger
  • Arleen Whelan
  • John Russell
  • Stepin Fetchit
  • Russell Simpson
  • Ludwig Stössel
  • Laurence Stallings
  • Archie Stout
  • Howard Wilson
  • T.A. Carman
  • Jack Murray
  • Victor Young
  • Frank Hotaling
  • Adele Palmer
  • «The Sun Shines Bright»
  • «The Mob from Massac» und «The Lord Provides» von Irvin S. Cobb
Argosy Pictures Corporation
35 mm
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