Fear East


Kim Jee-Woon
Südkorea 2003
115 min

After a long illness, two sisters return home to a distant father and a cruel stepmother. Dreams about their late mother awaken Su-Mi the next morning. Strange things begin to happen from that moment on. Based loosely on an old Korean folk tale, Kim Jee-Woons fresh approach twists the source material into a narrative jigsaw puzzle that will leave you guessing until the end. Based on a Korean folk tale, and boasting a chillingly realized, monstrous performance by Yeom Jeong-Ah as the evil stepmother, the film became one of the years biggest hits in Korea, prompting Dreamworks to snap it up for an American remake.

  • Im Soo-Jung - Su-Mi
  • Moon Geun-Young - Su-Yeon
  • Yeom Jeong-Ah - Eun-Joo, Stiefmutter
  • Kim Gab-Su - Mu-Hyun, Vater
  • Kim Jee-Woon
  • Lee Mogae
  • Lee In-Kyu
  • Lee Jae-Hyuk
  • Ko Im-Pyo
  • Lee Byoung-Woo
  • Cho Geun-Hyun
  • Ok Soo-Kyung
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35 mm
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