Fear East


Miike Takashi
J 2003
112 min

Shibasaki Ko stars as Yumi, a college student whose friends start dying in mysterious circumstances. First, the victim gets a voice message on her mobile. The call is from her own phone, dated three days in the future. She listens to it and hears herself screaming. Three days later, she meets a horrifying end. When the body count reaches two, Yumi meets Hiroshi, a funeral parlour operator whose sister has died in the same mysterious way. Together they try to break this chain call of death but not in time to save a third victim. Soon after, Yumi gets a voice message. Someday Miike may deliver a complete film as maniacally gripping as the last 30 minutes of One Missed Call. In the meantime, hes given cinema audiences a plausible new setting for horror.
(Mark Schilling)

  • Shibasaki Ko - Nakamura Yumi
  • Tsutsumi Shinichi - Yamashita Hiroshi
  • Fukiishi Kazue - Konishi Natsumi
  • Ishibashi Renji - Motomiya
  • Kishitani Goro - Oka
  • Daira Miwako
  • Yamamoto Hideo
  • Nakamura Atsushi
  • Shimamura Yasushi
  • Endo Koji
  • Inagaki Hisao
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35 mm
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