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Michael Mann
USA 1999
157 min

There is no question that few filmmakers could fashion an engrossing thriller around the complex web of deceit which surrounds the modern tobacco industry, and fewer still could do so without recourse to easily discernible heroic central figures, pitiable victims or the reduction of the story to simple plot points. That Michael Mann has resisted the temptation to dumb down this material for The Insider reaffirms his position as one of the most important and intelligent directors currently working in mainstream cinema. He has created a tense psychological suspenser as complex and uncompromising as it is engaging and enthralling. It is, in short, a masterpiece, a brilliant dissection of recent US politics and the media. (Mark Kermode)

  • Al Pacino - Lowell Bergman
  • Russell Crowe - Dr. Jeffrey Wigand
  • Christopher Plummer - Mike Wallace
  • Diane Venora - Liane Wigand
  • Philip Baker Hall - Don Hewitt
  • Eric Roth
  • Michael Mann nach dem Artikel «The Man Who Knew Too Much» von Marie Brenner
  • Dante Spinotti
  • Gregg Baxter
  • Gregory King
  • William Goldenberg
  • David Rosenbloom
  • Paul Rubell
  • David Darling
  • Arvo Pärt
  • Anouar Brahem
  • Pieter Bourke
  • Lisa Gerrard
  • Graeme Revell
  • Jan Garbarek
  • Brian Morris
  • Christopher Lawrence
  • Anna B. Sheppard
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