Tribute ECM


Jean-Luc Godard
FRA, DEU 1991
62 min

Shot in 1990, in the wake of the collapse of the Berlin Wall, Germany Nine Zero traces the footsteps of one Lemmy Caution (reprising his Alphaville role) as he makes his way west from East Germany, where hes lived for 30 years. Dubbed «the last spy», Caution is a relic among the ruins of history. As he travels through the countryside, Godard invokes the names of one German past (Bach, Schiller), even as he summons up another past both real and imagined (Hitler, The Damned). Funny, ironic, brilliant and unbearably sad, the voyage is at once a form of radical historiography and resistance. Like
Godard, Caution is journeying through a landscape crowded with remembrance, one that finally leads to a Berlin hotel room where a chambermaid fluffs the pillows, smiles bleakly and utters, «Work makes you free». (Manohla Dargis)

  • Eddie Constantine - Lemmy Caution
  • Nathalie Kadem - Delphine de Staël
  • Claudia Michelsen - Charlotte/Dora
  • Robert Wittmers - Don Quixote
  • Hanns Zischler - Graf Zelten
  • André S. Labarthe - Erzähler
  • Jean-Luc Godard
  • Christophe Pollock
  • Andreas Erben
  • Stephan Brenda
  • Pierre-Alain Besse
  • François Musy
  • Jean-Luc Godard
  • Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Paul Hindemith
  • Gavin Bryars
  • Giacinto Scelsi
  • Franz Liszt
  • W. A. Mozart
  • Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Igor Strawinsky
  • Dimitri Schostakowitsch
  • Romain Goupil
  • Hanns Zischler
  • Alexandra Pitz
  • Julia Griep
Brainstorm Productions

JLG Productions

35 mm
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