Tribute ECM


Theo Angelopoulos
FRA, GR, I 1988
127 min

Road movies are not a novelty in Angelopoulos cinema. From his universally acclaimed The Travelling Players to The Beekeeper, his characters have always been engaged in endless journeys in mainland Greece. But whereas some of his previous work suffers from overlong sequences, Landscape in the Mist maintains a balance of time, evoking perfectly the duration of the long but wholly unpredictable journey. Two kids search for their father whom theyve never met. Travelling north in rural Greece, they encounter a plethora of characters and images, allegories on the state of the country. An uncle whos unwilling to take custody of the kids, a truck driver who rapes the little girl, and young Orestes who is working for a group of travelling players and emerges as an oasis in a climate of hostility and exploitation are all presences incapable of filling the traumatized experience of the kids. Landscape in the Mist, influenced by Antonionis filmmaking , is a film which works well on all levels, with gleaming performances by the two kids. Having received the Golden Lion Prize at the Venice Film Festival, its undoubtedly Angelopoulos best film since The Travelling Players. (Spiros Gangas)

  • Michalis Zeke - Alexander
  • Tania Palaiologou - Voula
  • Stratos Tzortzoglou - Oreste
  • Theo Angelopoulos
  • Tonino Guerra
  • Thanassis Valtinos
  • Giorgos Arvanitis
  • Marinos Athanassopoulos
  • Yannis Tsitsopoulos
  • Eleni Karaindrou
  • Mikes Karapiperis
  • Anastasia Arseni
Greek Film Center 10 Panepistimiou Avenue 1071 Athen, Griechenland T 1 363 1733

Greek Film Center 10 Panepistimiou Avenue 1071 Athen, Griechenland T 1 363 1733

35 mm
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