Hele sa hiwagang hapis

A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery
Lav Diaz
Philippinen, Singapur 2016
480 min

Andrés Bonifacio y de Castro is considered to be one of the most influential proponents in the struggle against Spanish colonial rule in the Philippines during the late 19th century. Lav Diaz examines this myth and undertakes another expedition into the eventful history of his native land. The film’s various loosely interwoven narrative threads are held together by an exploration of the role of the individual in history and their involvement in political and social developments. Bonifacio’s widow is searching for her husband’s missing dead body; as she and her followers stumble deeper into the jungle, they become entangled in the dense thicket of their own guilt and responsibility. The film’s high-contrast black-and-white photography makes the journey into the past abstract. Mythology, facts and a vibrant sense of history merge. (Berlinale)

  • Hazel Orencio - Martha Officio
  • Piolo Pascual - Hugo Haniway
  • Joel Saracho - Ahas
  • Alessandra de Rossi - Frau
  • John Lloyd Cruz
  • Susan Africa
  • Bernardo Bernardo
  • Lav Diaz
  • Larry Manda
  • Erwin Romulo
  • Lav Diaz
Ten17P, Epicmedia, Sine Olivia Pilipinas

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