Quand on a 17 ans

Being 17
André Téchiné
FRA 2016

Two boys in the french Pyrenees mountains: Damien is a high school student, more cerebral than physical, and in the throes of a simmering enmity with classmate Tom, which soon comes to blows. Withdrawn loner Tom is the adopted son of a couple who run a remote mountain farm. you don’t have to be a Téchiné scholar to guess at the underlying psychological causes of the two boys’ enmity; the film opens up a web of contradictory emotions for all concerned.
Co-scripted by Céline Sciamma (GIRLHOOD), BEING 17 manifestly benefits from her insight into the problems of young people searching for their social and sexual identities; this, combined with Téchiné’s controlled vision and superb direction of actors, makes the new film a quietly potent proposition. (Jonathan Romney)

  • Sandrine Kiberlain - Marianne
  • Kacey Mottet Klein - Damien
  • Corentin Fila - Tom
  • Alexis Loret - Nathan
  • André Téchiné
  • Céline Sciamma
  • Vincent Goujon
  • Julien Hirsch
  • Albertine Lastera
  • Alexis Rault
  • Olivier Radot
  • Christian Gasc
Fidélité Films

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