Stille Reserven (OF)

Hidden Reserves
Valentin Hitz
AUT, DEU, CH 2016
96 min

The insurance salesman Vincent Baumann, a cold-blooded careerist and minion of a merciless system, becomes a victim of the very corporations he is representing. Degraded to a henchman he grimly struggles to get back on the job market. He fights to climb the social ladder. In the process he starts wondering if there are other values than income and success. An encounter with Lisa, a member of an activist group, increases the turmoil Vincent feels. Will the dominance of the ruling system be shattered?

In the presence of Valentin Hitz and members of the team.

  • Clemens Schick - Vincent Baumann
  • Lena Lauzemis - Lisa Sokulowa
  • Marion Mitterhammer - Diana Dorn
  • Marcus Signer - Gerhard
  • Simon Schwarz - Dietrich
  • Stipe Erceg - Philip Kessler
  • Valentin Hitz
  • Martin Gschlacht
  • Uve Haussig
  • Karina Ressler
  • Balz Bachmann
  • Hannes Salat
  • Tanja Hausner
Freibeuter Film, Neue Mediopolis, Dschoint Ventschr, Cine Plus

Freibeuter Film

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