Andrea Pallaoro
I, B, FRA 2017
95 min

Charlotte Rampling plays Hannah, an elderly woman whose husband goes to prison for a reason unknown. Finding herself alone with no one but her dog and old apartment whose corners speak volumes of shattered memories and a broken mother’s heart, Hannah spends her time between acting classes and cleaning apartments for money. She tries to find extravert means to express what’s going inside her – and finds in acting classes a chance to express her inner emotions. HANNAH is first and foremost a character study and a reflection on isolation and loneliness. It’s a subtle and mysterious film by design that intentionally does not reveal its character’s backstory but offers us flashes of hints and a remarkable leading performance that presents us with a window to a haunted and tormented soul, even if we don’t really know what actually happened. (Mina Nagy Takla)

In the presence of Andrea Pallaoro.

  • Charlotte Rampling - Hannah
  • André Wilms - Husband
  • Jean-Michel Balthazar - Chris
  • Andrea Pallaoro
  • Orlando Tirado
  • Chayse Irvin
  • Guilhem Donzel
  • Paola Freddi
  • Michelino Bisceglia
  • Marianna Sciveres
  • Jackye Fauconnier
Partner Media Investment, Left Field Ventures, Good Fortune Films

TF1 Studio

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