New Crowned Hope


Paz Encina
Paraguay, Argentina, NL, FRA, AUT, DEU 2006
78 min

It is June 1935 and it is autumn in the remote interior of Paraguay. It is still very hot. An elderly couple, smallholders, are waiting: waiting for their son to return from the battlefront of the Chaco war; but they are also waiting for the rain, for the dog to stop barking, for better days. They are waiting, and lamenting, throughout this film, which seems so simple in its description and that is apparently so minimal in its form; yet this young first time Paraguayan director makes of it something intense, infinite and universal in implication.

  • Georgina Genes
  • Ramon del Rio
  • Paz Encina
  • Willi Behnisch
  • Guido Berenblum
  • Victor Tendler
  • Miguel Schverdfinger
  • Carlo Spatuzza
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Scalpel Films 38 rue de la Chine 75020 Paris, Frankreich T 1 4366 4030

35 mm
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