Helvécio Marins Jr., Clarissa Campolina
Brasilien, ESP, DEU 2011
90 min

Girimunho tells the story of Bastú, an 81-year-old woman who lives in a village in the interior of Brazil, and who after the death of her husband tries to create her new life. Departing from a real city and its people, the film explores their rich imaginary, poetic and magic universe to talk about human relationships, pointing to the coexistence of traditions and contemporary life, reality and dream, life and death, dissolving the limits between these concepts.
In Girimunho time seems to stop in spite of its constant movement. In the midst of the Sertão landscape, oneiric occurrences populate the imagination of its people and blend with the prosaic situations in our characters’ lives. Our desire is to portray the Sertão in a subjective and profound way, taking reality as the beginning of everything. These characters are real people living in São Romão. Their stories are part of their memories; their homes are the film’s locations, without being interfered with by art, because everything was already there, ready to be filmed, entirely maintaining its authenticity. The people that inspired us to make this film played themselves. (Helvécio Marins Jr., Clarissa Campolina)

  • Maria Sebastiana Martins Álvaro - Bastú
  • Maria da Conceição Gomes de Moura
  • Luciene Soares da Silva
  • Wanderson Soares da Silva
  • Felipe Braganca
  • Ivo Lopes Araujo
  • O grivo
  • Marina Meliande
  • O grivo
  • Gustavo Fioravante
  • Felipe Duarte
  • Felipe Duarte
Teia Filmes, Dezenove Som e Imagens Producoes, Eddie Saeta, Autentika Films

Urban Distribution International

35 mm
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