Jim Jennings
USA 2009
7 min

Jim Jennings's silent cinematic poem reflects a kind of \"mirrored life\": filming in New York's Garment District, a centre for fashion design, he focused on reflecting surfaces - display cases, windows - and captured richly nuanced black and white shadow plays and distorted images reminiscent of those found in a hall of mirrors. Some fantastic figures emerge in the reflection of cut glass, while people passing by and objects drifting in the wind act as shadowy figures from a foreign land beyond glamour.
If I didn't live in New York, I wouldn't have made as many films and photographs using New York as subject matter. At the same time, I definitely would have managed to visit the city in order to do so. (Jim Jennings)

This film is part of the short film program Kurzfilmprogramm 2.

  • Jim Jennings
Jim Jennings

Jim Jennings, 5-12 49th Avenue, New York, NY 11101, USA, T +1 646 739 1118,

16 mm
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