Tribute to Michael Caine

Educating Rita

Lewis Gilbert
GBR 1983
110 min

EDUCATING RITA is based upon Willy Russell’s play of the same title. Rita is a young working-class woman with a burning desire for education. Enrolling on an Open University literature course, she is taken under the reluctant wing of a semi-alcoholic english professor, Frank. Both Julie Walters and Michael Caine are great, and their banter, their debates, and even their screaming matches are delights. Lewis Gilbert has taken a two-person play from stage to screen and cracked it open, but the core of the play – all that great dialogue – is still there. (Don Willmott)

  • Michael Caine - Frank Bryant
  • Julie Walters - Rita White
  • Michael Williams - Brian
  • Maureen Lipman - Trish
  • Jeananne Crowley - Julia
  • Malcolm Douglas - Denny
  • Willy Russell nach seinem gleichnamigen Theaterstück
  • Frank Watts
  • Daniel Brisseau
  • Liam Saurin
  • Garth Craven
  • David Hentschel
  • Maurice Fowler
  • Candy Paterson
Acorn Pictures
Park Circus
35 mm
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