Tribute to Michael Caine

Dressed To Kill

Brian De Palma
USA 1980
105 min

DRESSED TO KILL is, appropriately, about a split personality, a furious transvestite who goes clomping around Manhattan in large high heels, a blond wig, dark glasses, and a black raincoat, carrying a straight razor ready to slash any woman who arouses the man in him. Among the people whose lives he touches in one way and another are Dr. Robert Elliott, a psychiatrist with a fancy east Side office and the patients to go with it; Kate Miller, a suburban matron whose sex life at home leaves her too much time for erotic fantasies; Peter Miller, her teenage son, who’s also a science genius; and Liz Blake, a sweet-looking Park avenue hooker, who turns tricks to play the stock market. (...) The performers are excellent, especially Miss Dickinson, whose drawn, taut beauty says as much about her character as anything she actually does. Mr. Caine is in top form, and Miss Allen and Mr. Gordon are most appealing as strictly 80’s versions of what used to be called the ingénue and the juvenile. Even the title is good. (Vincent Canby, “New York Times”, 1980)

  • Michael Caine - Doctor Robert Elliott
  • Angie Dickinson - Kate Miller
  • Nancy Allen - Liz Blake
  • Keith Gordon - Peter Miller
  • Dennis Franz - Detective Marino
  • David Margulies - Dr. Levy
  • Brian De Palma
  • Ralf Bode
  • Peter Ilardi
  • Jerry Greenberg
  • Pino Donaggio
  • Gary Weist
  • Gary Jones
  • Ann Roth
Filmways Pictures, Cinema 77 Films, Warwick Associates
Park Circus
35 mm
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