Tribute to Michael Caine


Lewis Gilbert
GBR 1965
112 min

The movie that rocketed Michael Caine to stardom cemented his image as a cockney lothario and gave him one of his most enduring catchphrases – so much so he called his autobiography “What’s It all about?” The role of womanizing cad alfie elkins fit the 33-year-old Londoner like a glove and earned him his first Oscar nomination. Based on the play by Bill naughton, Lewis gilbert’s film broke new ground by interspersing its amorous anti-hero’s sexual conquests with frank and witty confessionals delivered straight to camera. Such is Caine’s ease in front of the lens that this inherently theatrical device works beautifully on-screen, especially when alfie begins to query the value of his rootless, carefree existence. (Neil Smith)

  • Michael Caine - Alfie
  • Shelley Winters - Ruby
  • Millicent Martin - Siddie
  • Julia Foster - Gilda
  • Jane Asher - Annie
  • Shirley Anne Field - Carla
  • Bill Naughton nach dem gleichnamigen Theaterstück
  • Otto Heller
  • Peter Davies
  • Thelma Connell
  • Sonny Rollins
  • Peter Mullins
  • Jean Fairlie
Lewis Gilbert, Sheldrake Productions
Hollywood Classic
35 mm
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