Harry Brown

V' 12

Harry Brown

Daniel Barber
GB, 2009
102min, OF

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Harry Brown

Daniel Barber
GB, 2009
, 102min, OF

Michael Caine
Harry Brown
Emily Mortimer
Alice Frampton
Charlie Creed-Miles
Terry Hicock
David Bradley
Leonard Attwell
Gary Young
Gillian Dodders
Martin Ruhe
Joe Walker
Ruth Barrett
Martin Phipps
Kave Quinn
Jane Petrie

Marv Films, Prescience, HanWay Films, UK Film Council, Framestore Features
35 mm

HARRY BROWN is a revenge thriller poised somewhere between DEATH WISH and GRAN TORINO. Michael Caine plays an old man with a dying wife. He lives in a London housing estate used by a drug gang as its own turf. Pedestrians are terrorized and beaten, drugs are openly sold, there are some areas understood as no-go. From his high window, Harry hears a car alarm and looks down to see the car's owner come out and be beaten by thugs. This is the daily reality. Michael Caine is a subtle actor who builds characters from the inside out. His voice has become so familiar over the years, that it’s an old friend. In this film, he begins as a lonely, sad geezer, and gradually an earlier persona emerges, that of a British marine who served in northern Ireland. All of that has been put in a box and locked away, he says, and thinks. (Roger Ebert)